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For over 30 years, James J. Falcone has been a Sacramento real estate lawyer who has provided the highest-quality legal services to Sacramento-area businesses and individuals. Focused on real estate and business law, the Law Offices of James J. Falcone combines extensive hands-on experience with in-depth knowledge of California law. We strive to provide practical advice, drafting, negotiation and litigation services that are cost-effective for our clients.

Our firm has broad experience in California real estate issues, representing buyers and sellers in all phases of complex real estate transactions. Our focus is on commercial real estate, and we have successfully represented clients in subdivision of property, escrow and title issues, complex loan transactions, and a variety of purchase and sale agreements, leases and subleases, and option agreements. As a Sacramento real estate attorney, James J. Falcone and his firm are well-equipped to address any commercial real estate issues clients may face.

We are focused on business law and understand the economic forces that drive our clients’ need for legal services. We have significant experience in corporate formation issues, helping clients avoid exposure of assets to potential liabilities, including formation of partnerships, corporations, and limited liability corporations in numerous jurisdictions, including California, Nevada and Delaware. We also draft contracts, sales agreements, lease agreements and documents pertaining to other complex transactions. We thoroughly counsel our clients on the questions they face, and skillfully negotiate on behalf of our clients in a wide range of business transactions.

While litigation is undesirable, at times it is unavoidable. We have substantial litigation experience, at both trial and appellate levels, as well as in administrative proceedings. This experience informs our advisory and negotiation work, and allows us to represent our clients’ interests at all phases of a transaction.

The Law Offices of James J. Falcone has in-depth knowledge of the business and legal communities in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. As a Sacramento real estate lawyer, James J. falcone and his staff continually stay abreast of developments in the law, and publish the California Real Estate Lawyers Blog as a resource for lawyers and businesspeople in the community. We continually work to improve our services and to provide creative solutions to our clients. Our firm provides personal service and value that larger firms cannot match.

We are conveniently located in downtown Sacramento, at 300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1800. For an initial consultation, please submit an online contact form or call our office today at (916) 442-4204.

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